Classes & Schedule

How do I join the Jitterbugs family?

Simply drop in to any class! Arrive a few minutes early to register with the teacher and let your little one get acclimated. It’s that easy! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions !


Prices are per family! No extra fee for siblings!                                         Packages can be used at any Jitterbugs class location! 

Drop in class 100RMB
5 class Package 450RMB (valid for 3 months)
10 class Package 800RMB (valid for 6 months)

Packages are per family and can not be shared.

Old class package leaf cards purchased before November 2016

will no longer be be valid after December 31, 2017. 

Schedule for February 12 - 24

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Class descriptions

All Jitterbugs classes are 45 minutes of teacher-led FUN! Set to a variety of energetic music, each track sparks a new set of fun movements, directions, games or toys that are sure to keep your Jitterbug smiling and learning!


Ladybugs classes are suited for little ones who aren’t yet walking. Classes involve gentle movements and play to music. You’re welcome to join as soon as you feel comfortable bringing your little one out and about! Whether your baby is still in your arms, sitting up, enjoying tummy time, or crawling all over the mats, Ladybugs class will expose them to many new sights, sounds, development and friends! Feel free to arrive 15 minutes before class to visit with other moms and let the babies get acquainted!


Caterpillars classes are suited for both toddling little ones that are walking and ready to explore new movements, and also babies who aren’t yet walking but ready for more excitement and stimulation than the Ladybugs class. Classes involve lots of gross motor movements and opportunities to practice participating, following directions and socializing. If your little one isn’t walking yet, we encourage caregivers to help them follow along and start to practice these new and exciting skills!


Butterflies class is suited towards steady walkers and runners with lots of energy to burn! These little ones are ready to fine tune their motor skills and practice more advanced movement patterns and tasks. Classes will involve opportunities for more complex following of directions and participation to help prepare our Butterflies for school! If your Butterfly is ready to participate independently, caregivers are welcome to simply observe.

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These classes welcome Ladybugs, Caterpillars, Butterflies and their caregivers for an exciting class that allows the little ones of different ages to participate at their own levels, while all learning and growing together! Some songs involve more calm and gentle movements, while others get everyone’s energy up with lots of dancing, bouncing and bopping around!

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