How long are Jitterbugs classes?

Classes are 45 minutes long, but you are welcome to arrive 15 minutes early to chat and play!

Do I need to sign up in advance or commit long term?

No! We know that every day is an adventure with little ones and there are bound to be times when a cold, a fever or a new nap schedule will keep you from making it to class, Just drop in when it’s convenient for you and your little one. We do offer a 5 class package that is valid for 3 months and a 10 class package that is available for 6 months, but you can drop in at anytime during the valid period.

Which class is suitable for my child’s age?

Please see our class description under the “Classes and Schedule” tab.

Can I bring my spouse, ayi or another adult with me?

More than 1 adult is welcome to accompany the child, but if the room happens to be too crowded, the extra adults will be asked to watch through the window to allow for more free space for the children.

Can I bring my older child along to class?

Of course! Our prices are per family, so there is no extra fee for siblings! And older children love being the teachers helper and playing with the little ones!

Can I send my child with my Ayi?

Of course! Several of our Jitterbugs come to class with their Ayi! Even if she doesn’t speak English, classes are easy to follow along to and a great opportunity for them to learn some new songs and ways to play with your little one!

How can I pay for class?

We accept cash, WeChat or Alipay payment. You can pay the teacher when you arrive at class or feel free to send us a WeChat message to pay in advance.

Can I share a package with a friend?

We ask that each family purchase their own package.

Can I use my package at other Jitterbugs locations?

Yes! You can use your classes at any of our 6 locations!

What do I need to bring with me to class?

Children should wear comfortable clothing and socks with non-slip grip to prevent them from slipping on the hardwood floors.

Is the class in English?

Yes. All of our teachers speak English and all songs are in English, which makes Jitterbugs class a great opportunity for children learning the language to practice!